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Producer & Host

Craig Petty is a multi award-winning magician that has been involved in the Magic community for the last 25 years. Over the years Craig has published some of the best selling tricks ever released to magicians.


Some of his products such as Key Master and Chop have sold literally thousands of units and his work on the Flipper Coin has been influential to coin magicians worldwide.


He was the co-host of the wizard product review for five years which was one of the very first online review shows for magicians. Craig’s YouTube channel for magicians, Magic TV has grown incredibly fast. It now boasts over 20,000 hours of watch time a month and it grows every month.

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Producer & Host

Lloyd Barnes is one of the top creators of magic in the world. He has been creating magic his entire life and many of his magical creations are best sellers.


For many years Lloyd worked with Ellusionist as part of their creative team, While there he helped several creators release best selling products. Then in 2020 out the blue he left Ellusionist and eventually starting working with Murphy's Magic - The World's Largest Magic Wholesaler.


He has only been there for a few months but has already made a big impact. In this interview Lloyd talks about his journey from growing up in a sleepy Welsh Village to being one of the top movers and shakers in the magic world.

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